Changing things that look impossible to change.

by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – In 1940, an international movement of women got on a boat. The last boat before Hitler invaded Holland. They made it to America, “by an eyelash” in April of that year.

The Grail from Loveland became a voice in the United Nations.

After watching the video below and in the spirit of Grailville’s past of venturing into the seemingly impossible, as the Publisher of this newspaper I have made an executive decision to go “all in” with an attempt to inform Loveland residents about the imminent destruction and erasure of the artifacts of a great cultural event of our local history.

Grailville was the home of the National Grail movement in the United States; the symbolic heart of the movement.

Will we allow the Grailville farm to be plowed under or will we choose new furrows planted in a way that continues to grow our future as a community?

Screen shot from The U.S. Grail, a lay movement

If we lose these artifacts, it will be by choice and not that we didn’t know – or know better.

Will the City Historic Preservation and Planning Commission, the City Tree and Environment Committee, the City Planning and Zoning Commission, the City Council and City Manager, the City Comprehensive Master Development Plan Committee, the City Arts Commission, and Drees Homes stand in support or indifference of the bulldozers without acknowledgment of these, artifacts?

Will they act out of ignorance or no comprehension of enlightenment? Will our future have value? Will Loveland’s legacy contain important worth? Preserving these artifacts can be value-added.

Screen shot from The U.S. Grail, a lay movement

A choice for each resident – Follow the Holy or Follow the Folly.

We will no longer be able to say, “I didn’t know.”

For sure, expressions of dismay about the impact of 200 plus homes at Grailville and the resulting strain on City services, overcrowding of already inadequate roads and schools, etc., are legitimate, however, so is the destruction of these intrinsic artifacts expressed in this video. A quality life whether for the individual, the collective community, or our grandchildren can be one filled with the remnants of the culture that made it so rich.

Screen shot from The U.S. Grail, a lay movement

This 2006 film by my friend Barbara Wolf, a Cincinnati filmmaker, for The U.S. Grail, a lay movement – explores the journey of those women seeking to transform the world as a matter of personal call and communal action.

Our communal action in this present day is what?

The Grail in the U.S. and in Loveland is not defunct by any means, read more HERE and HERE.

Screen shot from The U.S. Grail, a lay movement

Will we let a Kentucky home builder know they are proposing plowing under the footprints on this good earth and artifacts of an international movement of peace, gentleness, justice, and tranquility?

We all have faith.

Important artifacts, our seed crops, are about to be plowed under.

Will our horizons call each other by name to respect these artifacts?

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