A new day is dawning

by Kent G. Blair,

Any branding expert will tell you that a key to successful marketing is a clear, unambiguous message. After a long nightmare of municipal dysfunction, in November the voters in Loveland will have a crystal clear set of choices to make in their votes for City Council.

Until last Friday, August 18, I was one of nine candidates on the ballot for four City Council seats. When I was first asked to consider running, I made it clear to all that, while I want to serve, and believe that I would do a good job, the main outcome of the election must be removing the existing majority on Council. To help achieve that, if necessary, I would withdraw my own candidacy so that the full support of those in Loveland who share my goal could be focused, laser-like, on four candidates for four seats.

With the recall election no longer a possible ballot question, the mathematics of the race have changed. It is in celebration of that victory, and in keeping with my commitment, that I have withdrawn my name for the ballot for November, and strongly urge any and all who share my views of the future of our city to support now and cast your votes when the time comes for Rob Weisgerber, Ted Phelps, Neal Oury, and Tim Butler. Four outstanding candidates, four outstanding members of this community, four outstanding civic leaders, for four City Council seats.

We can reclaim a tradition of civic inclusion, collaboration, and consensus. Let a new day dawn in Loveland.

Blair had previously sent a candidate statement and you can read it below.

Kent Blair launches Loveland council campaign featuring resident engagement platform

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